Creating a turnkey proposition

Stephenson Control Systems is a market leader in the development and design of bespoke electrical control panels. To meet critical install criteria from customers, they must assemble flexible, expert project teams. But in doing so it risks diverting attention from its core competency: the design and manufacture of electrical control systems.

Flexible, expert project teams

Stephenson Control Systems has a relationship with Centrica Business Solutions going back more than 20 years. It relies on Centrica to manage and document its installation projects across the UK.

Working with Centrica Business Solutions enables Stephenson Control Systems to provision the right resource for each project. “This could be three people for one job over a weekend, or 30 people for a two-week job,” says Chris Peakman, Managing Director, Stephenson Control Systems. “And the Centrica teams are expert, highly-trained, reliable and flexible.”

The results

Stephenson Control Systems can now offer customers a complete end-to-end solution, from design to build to install. Working with Centrica Business Solutions allows it to fulfil projects with blue chip customers throughout the UK. Projects include safety upgrades, panel installation,and machinery upgrades, many completed within demanding shutdown windows.

“The successful delivery of these projects is our best résumé,” says Peakman. “It enables us to go-to-market with a ‘Rolls Royce’ service, a service that customers are prepared to pay a premium for.”

With Centrica Business Solutions picking up the installation duties, Stephenson Control Systems is free to focus on strengthening its engineering expertise. “We’re prepared to take on more challenging projects because we’re confident we can deliver. Our clients are buying into what we’re doing.”

“It would be near impossible for us to offer this service without Centrica Business Solutions. The fexibility, reliability and commitment mean we can win a contract and not have to worry about delivering.”
Chris Peakman, Managing Director, Stephenson Control Systems

Why Centrica Business Solutions electrical installation services?

  • Engineers expertly trained in all areas from hygiene, to health and safety, and even the most specialist areas
  • Long-term, close partnerships help provide the best possible service and complete even the most intricate work
  • Flexibility to scale up for any job, providing peace of mind that every project will be delivered on time, regardless of deadline