Electricity is a major part of our lives. We use it from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. We watch TV, charge our mobile phones, use the kettle, all of these daily activities make us forget exactly how dangerous electricity can be.

We can guarantee that you didn’t know that DIY mishaps cause almost half of all serious electric shocks all over homes in the UK.Over 50% of men admit that they try and take on repair jobs in their home either themselves or by asking a friend instead of calling a professional electrician.

Our survey says that almost half of all serious electric shocks happen by errors such as drilling into wiring, cutting through power leads and more.

Electricians have told our survey that they have either witnessed or have been involved with fixing electrical DIY accidents that have ended in electric shocks, repair costs, fires and more.

YouTube and the internet are easily accessible and they make it look/sound so easy but you need to be wary and find a trustworthy source, for example, a fully qualified electrician.

You could spend days trying to figure out and fix the problem(s) in your home and that is time you could spend doing something else. Then there is the money that you would be spending on hiring equipment that you don’t have and this could put more pressure on you. If it is something you do not feel comfortable doing, then do not do it.

Some things such as replacing a light fixture or re-wiring a broken lamp sounds so easy but you need to be prepared for when/if things go wrong.

If you do need electrical work carrying out on your home then you should leave it to the professional. You never know what is going to happen and wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that a qualified electrician was dealing with it? You’re best off leaving it to the people that are trained.