Buy a full Fixed Wire Inspection and Test and get a FREE Emergency Lighting Duration Test! Offer valid for bookings made during May and June 2019 only and is dependent on the size and location of your site.

Offer available for bookings made before 30th June 2019. 

What is Emergency Lighting testing?

Emergency lighting such as emergency escape lighting, standby lighting and fire safety signs are a legal requirement in the workplace and therefore should be regularly tested to ensure they’re in a safe and good working condition.

A thorough inspection and test of emergency lighting will examine:

  1. Safety
  2. Wear and tear
  3. Corrosion
  4. Damage
  5. Age
  6. External influences
  7. Suitability

When should Emergency Lighting be tested?

To support compliance with industry regulations, we recommend that daily, monthly and annual inspections are carried out depending on manufacturers guidance, deterioration factors, the zone of use and the results from any previous inspections.

During a full rated duration test, every emergency luminaire including illuminated signs are tested in accordance with the manufacturers information and checks are made to ensure that there is adequate means of a test facility (key switch), and that emergency lighting is present, clean and functioning correctly.

At the end of the inspection, we will issue a report and any defected will be notified to the duty holder.

For more information on our emergency lighting inspection and test, click here.

If you would like more details on our offer running throughout May and June, give us a call on 0800 980 8150.