Everybody likes to go on holiday but nobody ever thinks of the precautions they need to take when it comes to electricity in a foreign country. You should never disregard health and safety standards just because you are on holiday. When it comes to electrical health and safety, the UK are a lot higher than most other countries.

When you mention the words ‘electrical health and safety’ you probably automatically think of plugs and sockets or something quite obvious. But there are other forms of health and safety you should be aware of.For example, electricity in different countries can vary from 100 volts up to 240 volts. This means that it is not always safe to use and you should be very careful and check the voltage before you plug it in. The normal voltage and electricity frequency supply in the UK is 230 v 50 Hz.

Here are a few more tips to have a safe holiday:

  • Never touch a plug socket with wet hands.
  • Always make sure that wires are not cut, ripped or damaged in any way before you plug it in.
  • Also check that the wires do not have any insulation tape around them and check for any discolouration as this is a sign of overheating.
  • Never use mains-powered electrical appliances in a bathroom.
  • Always check that the adapter you have is the correct type for the country you are travelling to and never force it into a plug socket. If it doesn’t fit then leave it.

Before you are due to travel to a different country, you should research what type of socket and voltage they use. You should also buy plug adapters and voltage converters before you are due to leave, as they may not have products that meet the British safety standards.