We can deliver advanced networking solutions for high speed, efficient data connectivity. Our specialist engineers can design, install and configure data solutions to keep up with new technologies and provide high speed, reliable connectivity.

Our data solutions include copper cabling installations, fibre optic installations, network patching and data racks, telephony cabling and AV installations. Where Connectix and Brand-Rex cabling and equipment is used, we can provide long term system warranties up to 25 years.

Copper Cabling Installations

Depending on your specifications and the network speed required, we can supply and install the following Copper Network Cable:

  • Category 5e = 100 MHZ
  • Category 6 = 250 MHZ
  • Category 6A = 500 MHZ
  • Category 7 = 1000 MHZ

Each of these categories are available in unscreened versions or for areas with potentially high levels of EMI noise, a foil screened version is available. Externally graded network cable is also available should you need to run cables outside or through duct systems.

We test and certify all work using the latest test equipment to current BSEN 50173 standards.

Fibre Optic Installations

Fibre optic cabling is available in two modes, single mode and multimode. It can be supplied as either loose tube type which houses the fibre cores in a small gel filled central tube surrounded by Kevlar, or a tight buffered version where the cores are entwined within the Kevlar strands.

All main UK fibre optic connector types are available depending on your current or future hardware.

We can also provide the option of converting your existing multimode system to single mode without the need to replace your cabling network.

Network Patching and Data Racks

Under your directive, we can complete fibre optic and copper patching using a wide range of colours and lengths of patch leads from our trusted suppliers – these can be screened and unscreened. We can also supply and install both floor standing and wall mounted racks. For wet areas, IP rated enclosures are available.

Telephony Cabling

Telephony cabling can be installed on your site for distributing analogue/digital telephone numbers across existing structured cabling systems. We can install telephone distribution points to allow for greater flexibility with distributing numbers across site.

Termination of voice cabling can be done on network patch panels or Krone strips and telephone jumpering allows for easy moving of numbers from one area of a business to another.

AV Installations

Short and long throw projectors can be installed in most environments to meet your specific AV requirements, and we can provide smart boards & standard white boards in a variety of sizes. Tech-connect interfaces allow you to connect to the system through standard PC/Laptop outputs such as VGA and HDMI etc and audio is available through the tech-connect system.

We can also install various size TVs or monitors for presentation or monitoring purposes and wall mount brackets are available in many styles and sizes.

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