A load analysis verifies whether electrical systems are safe and efficient, and that installations show no signs of overload. It may also highlight potential problems with energy usage, harmonic interference or unexpected spikes that a visual inspection alone may not identify.

Electrical equipment may degrade over time and you may notice:

  • Your electrical bills are higher
  • Equipment running hotter than usual
  • Motors may make strange noises, indicating a pending problem
  • Erratic and seemingly unrelated equipment failures throughout the building

The hardest problem to solve is when deteriorating equipment causes other equipment on the circuit to fail. If you notice intermittent problems and unusual electricity bills, then an electrical load analysis may help to identify and isolate the real source of the problem. At Centrica Business Solutions, we can determine the accurate amount of energy usage, if there is excess capacity in the existing system, when and how energy is being used and where costs can potentially be reduced.

As part of an electrical load analysis we will collect data on power quality, quantity used and often harmonic data to identify and locate electrical problems in your building’s distribution system. This is done when:

  • Adding to an existing system
  • Verifying the amount of electricity consumed
  • As part of an investigation into:
    • over-load conditions
    • voltage drops
    • load imbalance between the phases
    • power factor
    • load profiles
    • harmonic distortion problems

Any of these issues can cause intermittent problems that can lead to strange equipment operations, unexpected failures and more.

As electrical specialists with over 20 years’ experience, we recommend real-time testing to help narrow down which piece of equipment is causing the problem. For example, testing could help to find a voltage drop issue that only occurs at specific times of the day. We will work with you to determine how and when to conduct a load analysis.

Monitoring is done on the main conductors as well as the neutral and we follow proven engineering procedures to ensure the testing is non-intrusive, accurate and safe.

For computer loads and data equipment racks, we monitor harmonic voltages and currents which can inject harmful distortions into other equipment on the circuits. The recording period needs to be long enough to capture a realistic amount of data that is a true representative of the electrical load. Again, like a car, the problem must occur before an accurate diagnosis can be made.

The duration depends on many factors including weather (air-conditioners are only used in the summer), production process and interaction between other equipment (i.e. heaters and ventilation motors).


Our goal is to capture any potential problems in the electrical system as your equipment is in use. Once the data has been gathered and collated for a loading profile, we will generate a report that includes:

  • Voltage and current
  • kW, kVAR and power factor
  • Harmonics (if required)
  • Events

The report will identify any conductors that are operating at over 80% capacity for continuous usage as well as recommendations to improve reliability and compliance with all safety legislation, and will also be available within your client dashboard.


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