3 day course



With companies in many market sectors and industries radically streamlining their maintenance and technical workforce departments, the onus is on managers to use non-electrical personnel for routine electrical duties.

This course provides an answer to legitimate management concerns.

It’s designed to assist non-electrical employees prepare for work on a range of electrical systems, and means companies comply with UK legislative requirements regarding the use of such personnel for electrical tasks.

It is aimed at anyone who may have electrical tasks related to their work, for example, mechanical maintenance engineers, servicing and equipment installation personnel and others who work with low voltage electrical equipment and systems.

Course content

  • Basic electrical principles
  • Electrical power and units of measurement
  • Electrical test instrumentations
  • Cable and wiring systems
  • Conventional circuit layout
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Health & Safety legislation (related to electricity in the workplace)
  • Safe isolation procedures for low voltage electrical circuits
  • Safe working practices

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