1 day course

BC0 Introduction to Building Controls and HVAC

This course is designed for those who either do not require the full technical detail of the building controls courses (BC1-BC6), or who are new to this area of the industry and require an introductory overview. The course provides full coverage of day to day involvement in building controls and HVAC, but at a level that does not focus on the technical detail.

It is aimed at industry administrators and managers, facilities managers and estates managers, as well as electricians and other building services trades personnel who wish to become more informed in this sphere of work.

The cost of the BC0 Introduction to Building Controls and HVAC course is £270 + VAT for BCIA members. For non-members, the cost is £350 + VAT.

Course content

  • What is a control system?
  • Types of control heating systems.
  • Primary heating plant.
  • Distribution of heating.
  • Basic control of heating.
  • Hot water service.
  • Centralised HWS.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Fresh air, heating & cooling with air systems
  • Basic control of air systems
  • Relative humidity and the psychometric chart
  • The concept of humidity
  • Basic use of the psychometric chart
  • Basic humidity control
  • Primary air plant
  • The air handling unit
  • Multi zone system

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