2 day course

BC3 Hydraulics in Building Services

This course involves the main water circuits and systems used within the building services controls environment and includes the necessary mechanical knowledge needed to understand applications, covering all aspects of valve sizing control.

It is aimed at engineers and technicians who have some knowledge and field experience within the industry, usually with a minimum of one year. It’s also recommended that they complete the BC1 Fundamentals of HVAC and Building Technology course first.

The cost of the BC3 Hydraulics in Building Services course is £440 + VAT for BCIA members. For non-members, the cost is £600 + VAT.

Course content

  • Introduction to hydraulic circuits
  • Hydraulic characteristics of valves and actuators and sizing controlling elements
  • Pressure independent valves
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Sizing of the controlling elements
  • Hydraulic circuit problems
  • Valve sizing
  • Valve sizing practical test
  • End of course assessment

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