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This course is currently available at our Rotherham training centre and as a virtual learning course. 

CompEx is the national training and assessment scheme for electro technical crafts personnel who work in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as on and off-shore Oil and Gas Pharmaceuticals, Energy and Chemical industries.

It is a national joint training initiative developed and implemented by the Engineering Equipment and Material Users Association (EEMUA) and JTL and is supported by the Health and Safety Executive.

CompEx Foundation (ExF) is a 1-day course that provides candidates with an understanding of the regulations, directives and standards associated with locations containing hazardous atmospheres.

Candidates will receive an overview of hazardous area classification, safe working practices and basic protection concepts used for certifying Ex equipment.

Who should take this course?

This qualification is suitable for non-technical personnel who require an understanding of basic Ex principles, and recently qualified technicians who wish to develop their knowledge before undertaking more technical CompEx qualifications.

Course content

On completion of this course, candidates will have:

  • A greater understanding of the current directives and regulations relating to hazardous areas.
  • Awareness of typical flammable atmosphere situations and types of release.
  • Understanding of the characteristics of gases, vapours and dusts
  • Understanding of the basic principles of area classification including zones, apparatus groups and temperature classification
  • Understanding of identification for hazardous area equipment
  • Awareness of the types of protection for equipment for use in hazardous areas.
  • Understanding of the IP code for ingress protection
  • Awareness of various ignition sources and potential associated hazards.


Assessment Method

At the end of the course, candidates must complete an online multiple-choice examination consisting of 30 questions (45 minutes). Successful candidates will receive an internationally recognised CompEx Certificate for Foundation in Hazardous Awareness.


Not sure whether to start with the CompEx ExF Foundation course or take the full 5-day CompEx Ex01 - Ex04 course instead? Determine which course would be best for you with the new CompEx awareness tool - 'IntroEx'. This free short assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and provides an overview of the basic principles of potentially explosive atmospheres and safety. If you are already due to attend training, it can also be used as pre-learning material. 

Access IntroEx here


Did you know, this course is available virtually? 

Simply select ‘Virtual Learning’ under course location to view the dates available. 

What can I expect from Virtual Learning?

Our Virtual Learning courses give delegates the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own home whilst still getting all the tuition they would in the classroom. 

This is training online but not to be mistaken for E-learning. Our training is delivered in real time by one of our electrical tutors using video conferencing software that gives delegates the opportunity to watch and listen to the tutor, follow the presentation live and interact and ask any questions they may have.

There are scheduled course dates with set start and end times, and short breaks throughout the sessions. This differs to E-Learning where courses are pre-recorded and you can join at any time. 

Our virtual learning can be accessed via a PC, laptop or tablet. When you make a booking, we’ll then send you your joining instructions with the link to access the training – it really is that simple.

What information do I need to provide?

To ensure our virtual courses run as smooth as possible, we require the following:

  • Delegate Name, Email Address and Contact Number
  • Postal Address for the course pack, containing course notes and any purchased publications

We ask for this information no later than 2 weeks before the course start date. If no information is received, the email invite and course pack will be sent to the booker and company address provided. 

How do I take the exam? 

The exam is available to complete online immediately after the course by remote invigilation. This gives delegates greater flexibility and removes the need to travel to one of our training centres, saving you time and money. 

Once you have completed the virtual training course, you will then be directed to the CompEx assessments portal and given a unique keycode to access the exam. The exam will be invigilated via Microsoft Teams under exam conditions. Please note, for remote invigilation you will need: 

  • A Windows PC (Windows 8 or higher)
  • A strong/stable internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • A quiet and well-lit room where you will not be disturbed
  • Photo ID (no older than 10 years) – e.g. driving license, passport, work-based ID or Student ID are all acceptable
  • Surpass Viewer (This is a custom web browser to run the exam. Download instructions will be provided)


For further information regarding CompEx Remote Invigilation and how to take the exam, download the candidate guide here

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