3 day course

Generic Programmable Logic Controllers

For those companies that do not use a specific type of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) platform, or a system to fulfil process automation requirements, this course introduces electrical and non-electrical maintenance, service personnel and engineering managers to the basis operational principles for most PLC systems.

Focusing on one of the most familiar programming representations, Relay Ladder Logic (RLL), the course uses an exceptional PLC simulation/emulation software package that removes the complications associated with vendor specific, proprietary PLC interfacing software, allowing a clear understanding of fundamental programming techniques.

The course assumes little or no previous knowledge of PLCs. It’s designed for those currently working within the engineering maintenance industry, who find a growing need to maintain and further develop PLC controlled systems, plants or equipment.

Course content

  • What is a PLC and overview of the principles of operation
  • Creation of new and editing existing PLC automation programmes
  • Overview of PLC control program representations
  • Common instructions of automation requirements
  • Program development for simulated applications
  • Save and restore PLC programs
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Overview of physical PLC hardware and software
  • Practical demonstration sessions with physical PLC systems from common vendors

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