1 day course



The growing pressure upon company managers to ensure personnel are operating in a safe manner suggests that some level of basic training is required.

This course helps raise the level of electrical safety awareness for those required to access low voltage electrical panels or enclosures, for example machine and process operators.

Using a presentation and practical approach, it looks at key aspects of electrical safety in relation to electrical panel enclosure. It examines protective device resetting, process adjustment/configuration and taking readings, as well as the requirements of current legislation.

The course is mainly aimed at non-electrical/technical employees who, although not expected to, hold specific electrical responsibilities, have a duty to their colleagues and their own personal safety through current employment legislation.

Course content

  • Health & Safety legislation (related to electricity in the workplace).
  • Risks present when accessing a low voltage electrical enclosure or panel.
  • Safe working practices specific to electrical enclosure or panel access.
  • Resetting of a range of electrical motor thermal overloads circuit breakers and motor drives.
  • Most appropriate or suitable methods to minimise the potential damage to process plant, equipment, system motors or connected equipment.
  • Risks related to common equipment machines or process systems.

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