Compliance Solutions is a custom-built web portal that uses the latest technology in electrical inspection and web-based reporting to help our clients control, track and monitor their electrical compliance records. This ensures that the safety of people and the efficiency of your business are not compromised, 24/7, 365 days a year.

It has been developed with the customer at the forefront and is a solution that makes your periodic inspection simple, keeping your electrical inspection and test records, network drawings and Electrical Installation Condition Reports all in one place. Compliance Solutions is easily accessible and easy to navigate, and will instantly alert you when a report has been submitted by our inspectors.

Here are our top 5 benefits of using Compliance Solutions:

  1. Interactive view of your overall compliance

When you book one of our electrical inspection and testing services, you will be given a personal login to Compliance Solutions. When logged in, you’ll be taken to your personalised dashboard which shows an interactive view of your overall site compliance. You’ll also be able to see your Open Remedials by type and city (if applicable), colour coded to show Code 1, 2 and 3 defects and any remedials requiring further investigation.

  1. View and track your outstanding remedials and closures

The interactive dashboard shows your compliance status and remedials by code/area which is hyperlinked to the non-compliant zones. In the ‘Remedials’ tab, any defects found are listed and include the location, code and city, with a short description of the defect identified. You can also filter by report type, remedial type and search within a date range, so the one you need is easy to find.

  1. All your testing records and supporting documents in one place

Our online reporting system significantly reduces the amount of time required when managing electrical inspection & testing reports and records across multiple site locations. They’re all stored in one place, providing easy access when required.

  1. Evidence for auditing purposes

Having all your documents in one place with the date stamp of the upload offers a full audit trail and provides evidence of compliance for health and safety assessments. This is also invaluable in the event of a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation.

  1. Instant access and alerts to suit you

Compliance Solutions allows instant ‘real-time’ access to electrical inspection and testing records, as they are taken and documented by our Electrical Inspectors. You'll get an email alert with the latest activity, tailored to either daily or weekly updates to suit you.

You’ll also be notified instantly, with acknowledgment required if any C1s are identified. This enables you to act quickly and effectively to dangerous electrical faults.


We have over 600 clients benefiting from using Compliance Solutions and are continually working with them to define ways to improve the system. Your feedback is always encouraged and helps us to develop our web portal to the customer’s needs, improving the end-user experience and increasing its functionality.

To find out more about Compliance Solutions and our Electrical Inspection and Testing services, please give us a call on 0800 980 8150.