If you dread acquiring a trade in case you get called a cowboy builder or a rogue roofer, then why not become Britain’s most trusted trader – an electrician? A recent survey of 2,000 members of the public undertaken by Helly Hanson’s Workwear brand indicated that electricians top the league when it comes to trustworthy tradesmen, easily outclassing plumbers, builders and tilers when it came to a reputation for honesty and a job well done. Amazingly, the survey also found electricians had a number of other attractive qualities in comparison with workers in other trades.

Best dressed and turned out

If your appearance has always been a matter of pride, it seems that you’re likely to become an electrician! Further findings from the Helly Hanson study indicated that electricians were generally perceived by the public as being the best presented of the trades. Whilst accurate and safe work is more important than looks, it’s clear that customers prefer visitors to their home to be tidily and cleanly attired.

Etiquette a welcome bonus

As if all these perceived virtues weren’t enough, the research discovered that electricians were also thought to be the most polite and well mannered tradesmen. Anyone currently undertaking a training course to become an electrician has a tough job ahead in order to live up to the high standards that are now expected from those in the trade.

On time

Everyone appreciates tradesmen that turn up at the prearranged time and (you can probably guess the next bit by now) yet again, electricians were voted to be the most punctual in comparison with other trades, such as window cleaners or scaffolders. It’s not obvious exactly why sparkies are better at timekeeping than their fellow tradesmen, but it’s apparent that this talent for promptness helps to ensure their popularity with a range of customers.

It’s always a good thing to be in a trade that commands respect from the people that use it. Although this survey is only a snapshot of the UK’s views on tradespeople, the findings make positive reading for both trainee electricians and experienced workers.