5 day course

Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controllers

This introductory level training course looks at the configuration, maintenance, documentation, and programming of PLCs from the Mitsubishi FX series, using MS Windows WinFX interfacing software.

Designed for those new to Mitsubishi FX PLCs and associated software, the course provides a general overview of the past and present Mitsubishi PLC range, with a focus on the FX modular platforms.

It targets relevant maintenance issues associated with the PLC-controlled systems, while certain aspects of programming PLCs to perform ‘end user’ functions are covered within a series of practical automation assignments.

Course content

  • Overview of the principles of operation for the Mitsubishi PLCs
  • An overview of the WinFX PLC automation software editing programme
  • Creation of new WinFX automation projects
  • FX PLC automation project hardware types and configuration
  • FX signal module input and output and internal memory addressing structures
  • Changing the PLCs operating mode
  • Monitoring a PLC online
  • Save and restore PLC automation project database to and from the standard internal or external data storage media.
  • FX PLC automation project documentation and reporting
  • Searching the FX PLC automation project for applicable instruction set references

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